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Truework Instant expands to 48 million active employee records

Authorized users can now instantly verify over 48 million active employees through the one-stop Truework Income platform, helping reduce total verification costs and improve the applicant experience.
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Table of Contents

Reducing disruptions with more instant coverage

Lenders, property managers and other authorized parties can now instantly verify over 48 million active employees through the Truework Instant network. 

With access to millions of additional instant records, verifiers can eliminate process disruptions, maintain a competitive applicant experience and reduce the fiscal impact of verifications by verifying income and employment data for any applicant through one platform: Truework Income.

For mortgage lenders, Truework continues to serve as an authorized supplier of income data for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service, a component of Day 1 Certainty®. All 48 million active, instant employee records are eligible for Day 1 Certainty when verified through Truework.

Strengthening the Truework Income platform

Truework Income is the only platform making the income validation process as easy as clicking a button. The addition of millions of new instant records, accessible through the one-stop Truework Income platform, improves the applicant experience for millions of consumers. 

Whether applying for an apartment, car loan or mortgage, providing the appropriate financial documentation is one of the biggest pain points for consumers. More instantly available data helps applicants breeze through the process, improving overall conversion rates for verifiers as well as applicant satisfaction. 

Truework Instant is a key pillar in our one-stop verification platform. Since instant data is the fastest way to verify an employee, this increase to 48 million active employee records accelerates time-to-verify for millions of new employees. 

More verifiers, however, are looking to maximize total verification coverage when it comes to picking the right data provider. Truework is the only verification solution that connects every major verification method into one platform, orchestrating each request to the most optimal method, no matter the applicant. 

Additionally, verifiers are improving operating efficiency by leveraging a one-stop verification platform like Truework Income. Those efficiency gains are translating into critical cost-savings at a time when competition is fierce and budgets are tight. 

With Truework income, verifiers can: 

  • Reduce time spent on process and vendor management
  • Improve data accuracy and remediation
  • Integrate without any developer resources 
  • Balance costs while maintaining an excellent applicant experience
Truework Encompass® integration.

Forging new data partnerships

Over the past few years, the Truework instant record database has increased through strategic partnerships with leading payroll and human capital management (HCM) platforms. Truework’s database of instantly available employee data has grown over 30% since the start of 2023. 

Vault Verify, the innovative HR platform transforming internal verifications into a revenue-generating business for employers, is the latest partner to add employee records to Truework’s instant network. 

"At Vault Verify, it is critical as an HR outsourcing vendor that we provide timely and accurate employment and income data to authorized parties, like lenders, in a secure environment on behalf of our clients,” said Tim Fessenden, CEO of Vault Verify. “Through our partnership with Truework, our customers and their employees can continue protecting their sensitive information once a verifier has requested data through Truework. Our business benefits by receiving aggregated verification requests, from a single trusted source, that we fulfill more efficiently through an integration with Truework's automated workflows."

The partnership with Vault Verify leverages the power of Truework Guardian, helping automate verifications while reducing fraud vulnerabilities using the industry’s first Transactional Risk Scoring system. 

“Our partnership with Vault Verify and other data platforms showcases the importance of protecting employee data without incurring delays that can derail high-stakes transactions like buying a home,” said Ryan Sandler, Truework CEO. “Millions more employees can now rely on Truework to make sure accurate data is shared instantly and only with authorized parties.”

One of the largest instant verification networks

With this increase, Truework Instant remains one the largest networks of instant income and employment data. Unlike legacy verification providers, Truework allows users to filter between active and inactive employee data, ensuring verifiers never pay for data that is out of date or unnecessary. 

Verifiers are eliminating duplicate orders and reducing spend by accessing income and employment data through Truework. Learn how to verify income for 95% of applicants after replacing The Work Number with Truework. 

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