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Truework Guardian helps payroll and HCM providers automate verifications while reducing fraud vulnerabilities using the industry’s first Transactional Risk Scoring system.

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Accelerate transactions without the risk

Automate verifications for every employer on your platform while protecting sensitive employee data by leveraging Truework’s Transactional Risk Score, a unique risk methodology applied to every verification request.

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Improve employer productivity

Payroll providers can eliminate hours of manual work for employers and employees by automating verification requests and providing employees with self-service letters of employment through Guardian. 

Maximize partnership revenue

Truework is trusted by over 20,000 financial institutions and the preferred verification provider for thousands of TransUnion customers. Deploying Guardian to your entire employer ecosystem ensures verifications are processed by Truework and not manually through HR teams. 

How it works

Automate verifications based on risk

Guardian validates the legitimacy of every request by ensuring proper authorization and fraud checks. With Transactional Risk Scoring, payroll providers can use the risk score to create thresholds for when to inform employees regarding a potentially fraudulent request. 

1. Verifier validation

Guardian automatically checks the legitimacy of both the verifier and employee authorization form by validating the email domain, business license or NMLS number, as well as the verifier’s permissible purpose. 

2. Transactional Risk Score applied

Each verification is given a risk score based on request metadata. Variables include verifier reputation, business reputation and other data points such as IP address. Elevated risk scores require additional employee authorization.

3. Verification complete

Employers can keep track of verifications through an easy-to-use dashboard while employees can generate their own employment letters for low-touch verifications such as travel visas.

“Being in HR, I handle many VOIEs. We have used The Work Number in the past but have encountered many issues with them. Truework is the fastest way to complete these. They are the most efficient for VOIEs”
Headshot of Victoria V
Victoria VHR Solutions Specialist
“Truework functions as an all-in-one hub that does much of the heavy lifting for you. Transitioning from emails and voicemails into a central website that streamlines the VOE process saves time in our day-to-day work”
Headshot of Kyle H
Kyle HHR Strategist
“Trueworks has given my HR team more time in their day to spend helping employees and managers focus on moving the organization forward. The service is amazing and has saved myself and my team numerous hours.”
Headshot of Tisha O
Tisha OHR Manager
"The process is very quick and easy to complete. Confirmation of applicant information is easy. I don't have to go searching for any of the answers. This is probably the most user friendly verification process that I get to use as an HR professional."
Headshot of Felicia C
Felicia CHR Assistant
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