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Truework is an HR tool that automatically responds to lenders, landlords, and others who need to verify employment.

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Get rid of distractions

Manually responding to verification requests can add up to hundreds of hours of HR coordinators’ time per year. Give back needed hours to your busy team.

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Give employees control over their data

With Truework, information is only shared with third parties after explicit approval from an employee.

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We take care of compliance

Truework verifies the identity behind every request and only releases information according to the latest international, federal, and state privacy regulations.

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“I was having to fill out paper forms, scan them, and then fax or email them back in. It was so time consuming! Truework saves me so much time and it’s basically hands-off.”

Christine Noonan, HR Manager
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A New Challenger to Equifax's Employee Verification Service

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We play nice with your favorite software

Integrating Truework into your company’s existing HR or payroll system is a breeze!

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