Close Loans Faster and Increase Borrower Conversion

We help mortgage lenders transform the borrower experience with faster verifications and fewer internal touchpoints during underwriting. With an easy-to-use web app and API, as well as integrations with Encompass, Truework fits into any underwriting workflow.

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Instant Data

Instant Income Data for 35 Million U.S. Employees

Truework is the second-largest network for instant verifications. Each verification request includes comprehensive employment data including Job Status, Title, Dates of Employment, Last Pay Date, YTD earnings and years prior.

Our all-in-one platform lets users verify any U.S. employee through Truework.

Convert Borrowers Faster with Pre-Approvals

Offer the right product at the right time with pre-approvals powered by Truework's API.

  • Our instant database has employment and income records for over 35 million U.S. employees.

  • 7 million employees are exclusive to Truework's instant network.

  • Truework's API can be integrated in minutes by any dev team.

Lower Operating Costs on Every Application

Never chase down an HR department again when submitting verifications through Truework.

  • We process manual verifications 48 hours faster on average than in-house teams.

  • Half of all requests are completed within 24 hours and 75% within 72 hours.

  • Reduce overtime pay and operational hassle when processing verifications through Truework.

Improve efficiency with Truework on Encompass®

Encompass admins can integrate Truework in just a few clicks.

  • Verify any U.S. employee without leaving the Encompass environment.

  • Access all the benefits of Truework Teams including volume-based pricing, request sharing and more.

  • Fannie Mae 1005-compliant reports are synced to your Encompass Documents folder after every verification.

How it Works

The Only One-Stop Verification Platform

Borrower satisfaction starts with a frictionless application experience. Our technologies (Instant, Credentials, Manual) maximize employee coverage and minimize turnaround time for every request. This waterfall approach ensures lenders can verify any U.S. employee as fast as possible without submitting multiple requests.

Help borrowers hit their close dates by verifying employment and income through Truework.


The first approach in the Truework waterfall is access to our instant database of over 40 million employee records.

When all the proper documentation is provided upfront, instant requests are completed in seconds.


Our Credentials tool accelerates verifications for any employee outside our instant network. With Credentials, borrowers can submit verified payroll data directly from their payroll provider.

We integrate with over 150 payroll providers, allowing borrowers to share Fannie Mae 1005 compliant employment and income data in minutes.

Smart Outreach

Our Smart Outreach team serves as a final catch-all in the Truework waterfall, allowing lenders to verify employment and income for contractor, small business and other hard-to-verify borrowers.

Our U.S. based team specializes in manual verifications, with access to every third party verification provider. This final catch-all in the Truework waterfall ensures processing teams never chase down HR contacts again to complete a verification.

Ready to get more done with Truework?

Truework API

Lenders use our API to enable seamless verifications for any applicant. Integrate in minutes.

Truework Teams

Our web application lets users submit verifications without any integrations. Get started now.