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Faster Verifications Than Ever Before

Hit more deadlines and be more productive by processing verifications in a fraction of the time.

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Accurate Information Stored All In One Place

We complete thousands of employment & income verifications each and every day. No need to search for accurate employment verification information. Find it all in one place.

How it works


We verify the explicit authorization and consent from the employee.


We check our own network of integrated employers for the verified information.


For other employers, we use proprietary technology to digitally retrieve source of truth data.

How Truework Works

Verifiers Love Truework

“Easy to verify and much quicker than calling, faxing and emailing.”

- Verification Processor at Davis Health

“Very easy to use and user friendly!”

- Loan Processor at Discover

“Not as expensive as The Work Number, super easy to use.”

- Loan Processor at Communication CU

“Very clean process. Easy to follow.”

- Loan Processor at Caliber Home Loans

“This service is amazing. It's super easy to use, quick to return employment verification and keeps a record of what you have ordered and lets you access the reports multiple times.”

- Loan Processor at First Commerce Bank

“Ease of use, quick responses. Would recommend.”

- Verification Processor at Outwest Express

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