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Cut costs with user-permissioned payroll data

Increase trust, accelerate transactions, and improve the verification experience with quick access to source-of-truth payroll data.

Credentials is available via an embedded widget or email-based workflow.

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How it works

Verifying via payroll

Credentials lets verifiers customize the applicant experience and verify almost any US employee directly within your application, or via an automated email workflow.

1. Deploy Credentials

Integrate the Credentials widget directly into your application or configure an email workflow right from the Truework dashboard.

2. Ask the applicant

After confirming authorization, the applicant can directly log into their payroll provider through an embedded or email-based Credentials experience.

3. Get the data

Employment and income data is shared directly from the payroll provider to Truework, where it is automatically checked for quality and accuracy.

4. Verification complete

The data is transformed and standardized into a Truework verification report, compliant with Fannie Mae's 1005 form.


Fast and accurate payroll data

Maximize coverage and eliminate manual processes with user-permissioned data.


Faster turnarounds

Verify income and employment in minutes rather than wait for documents or manual verifications.


Increased conversions

Capture more verifications with a co-branded and customizable workflow.


Wider coverage

Expand your customer base by reaching 85% of the U.S., including gig-economy workers.

Co-branded email workflow

Customize the experience to accelerate completions

Our co-branding features enable verifiers to add their own name, branding, logos, and custom text to the Credentials experience. A consistent and on-brand workflow helps borrowers and applicants complete verifications faster, with more peace of mind.

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Easily reverify applicant employment before closing

For more than 60% of applicants, reverifications can be processed instantly without requiring any additional action from the applicant.

Day 1 Certainty®

Reduce the risk of loan buyback

Truework is one of the first authorized report suppliers to offer automated VOI/VOE reports from multiple verification strategies, including for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service, a component of Day 1 Certainty® for mortgage lenders.

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Expand your customer base with more coverage, lower costs

Credentials enables you to easily verify both 1099 contractors and W2 workers without requesting paystubs or tax returns, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional verification methods.

Applicants can easily search for their employer and log-in to their payroll provider to share up-to-date income data through Credentials.


US workforce coverage


Payroll integrations


Accessible employers


Truework partners with Argyle and Plaid to maximize success

With Truework Credentials, verifiers can leverage multiple backend data providers to maximize success rates, all within one integration.

Truework knows which provider works best for any given applicant and automatically routes each request to the best partner, accelerating completions while providing best-in-class verification coverage.

Verification your way

One platform, every verification method


Verifiers can combine and orchestrate workflows across all verifications methods to maximize speed and coverage


Instant reports, user-permissioned payroll data, document upload and automated manual verifications are all available as individual methods or can be orchestrated into a customized waterfall


Learn more how Truework is used in your industry:

Consumer Lending

Accuracy & security

Truework operates as a Credit Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), providing verifiers the most accurate information while allowing consumers to easily request changes to their reports if discrepancies are ever detected.

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Verification methods

Maximize coverage with a single platform

Truework provides an all-in-one solution to help you automate more verifications.



Over 48 million employee records returned in seconds.

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Allow applicants to share payroll data directly in your application.

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Automate income document parsing and fraud review.

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