Verify Income and Employment for Any Applicant

More than 10,000 companies trust Truework to process their verifications. We provide instant data for over 35 million employees and half of all requests are completed within 24 hours.

Truework is the only one-stop verification platform.

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Using Truework

One platform with flexible integrations that fit your business

There are three different ways to use Truework:

  • Access our web application (
  • Integrate the Truework API directly into your workflows
  • Connect Truework with Encompass (for mortgage lenders)

No matter the integration, Truework provides verification coverage for any U.S. employee.

  • No technical integration whatsoever.

  • Access an organized dashboard with real-time updates on every verification.

  • Have a question? Our support team responds immediately, ensuring your verifications are completed as fast as possible.

  • Create an account below to submit your first verification on Truework.

Truework API

  • The only payroll API to provide comprehensive employment and income coverage for all U.S. employees.

  • The Truework API combines instant data with our Smart Outreach solution, making it a one-stop API for employment and income data.

  • Developers can integrate the Truework API in minutes.

Truework + Encompass®

  • Direct integrations for mortgage lenders using the leading loan-origination platform, Encompass.

  • Loan processors no longer have to leave the Encompass environment when submitting verifications for any applicant through Truework.

  • Fannie Mae 1005-compliant reports are automatically synced to the loan documents folder after each verification is completed.

Built for teams of 1 to a 1000

Powerful team management

Easily manage team members and verifications all in one place.

  • Share and collaborate on verification requests when a teammate is out of office

  • Access volume-based pricing when team submissions hit monthly thresholds

  • Simplify billing for the whole organization with automated invoicing

The power of one platform

Accelerate your verifications

A one-stop platform with instant access to millions of employees.

  • Data returned in seconds for over 35 million employees

  • Powered by exclusive access to leading payroll providers like Gusto, Rippling and more

  • 1099 compatibility lets user verify gig economy workers at companies like Uber, Doordash, Lyft and more

  • Comprehensive income and employment reports include Job Status, Title, YTD earnings, Prior 3-Year Earnings and more

How It Works

  • We confirm the proper authorization and consent from the employee for each request.
  • We reference our instant database of 35 million employees.

  • If the employee records are not instant, we leverage our Credentials and Smart Outreach technologies to ensure every request is completed as fast as possible.

  • Half of all requests submitted to Truework are completed within 24 hours.
  • Receive an email confirmation as well as a notification in your dashboard after every completed request.

  • Our support team reaches out within minutes whenever there is any missing or incomplete information.

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