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Enhanced enterprise features for Truework Income (Q1 release)

Enterprise customers using the Truework Income platform can improve the borrower experience and accelerate completions with our latest product release.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Q1 Product Updates

Enterprise customers can now access additional customization features within the Truework Income platform.

These new tools help Truework administrators increase completion rates and efficiency by improving the applicant experience with Truework's user-permissioned technology, Truework Credentials.

Multiple branding options

Truework can now support multiple different logos and brands under one account. Enterprise lenders can customize what logo an applicant will see during their verification process depending on which team submitted the request.

Truework administrators can update and add logos directly from the dashboard. Simply log into your account at and click on the "Team Settings" or "Developer" tab on the sidebar.

Joint borrower and verifier email threads

To help accelerate completions, Truework administrators can now CC borrowers and verifiers on the same verification email thread. Applicants can easily follow up with questions and verifying teams can reach out to applicants directly if the verification still needs to be completed.

Custom cancellation windows

Does your process require tighter turnaround times for verifications? Truework administrators can now customize how long an applicant has to complete a request.

This customization eliminates any unnecessary delays to the verification process, helping maintain a positive borrower experience.

To learn more about any of the features above, please reach out to your dedicated Truework customer success manager.

If you are interested in unlocking enterprise features for your business, contact us.

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