About UPMC Health Plan

The UPMC Health Plan is a national women's health care provider that is located in eight different states and growing rapidly. The company provides health care to women in the states of New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Washington DC, Virginia and a federal district as well. They deliver more than 100,000 babies and provide care to more than 2 million women. They also employ over 5000 people across all of the offices that they maintain. Some of the employment opportunities include accounts payable specialist, actuarial analyst, business analysts, claims coordinators, compliance auditors, directors of compliance and insurance, engagement managers, cytotechnologists, and more.

The model of the company grew from private practice and added information gathering processes or various information gathering options to help improve patient care. The Unified Health Plan includes a proprietary model that does this better than any other tool on the market and better than any other health plan out there. This allows them to provide better patient care to customers in the states that they service. The company has many physician partners, hospitals, clinics, and others that all work together to gather the right information and allows this healthcare organization to use it to improve patient services.

The company is available in eight different states as well as one federal district. The states where you can find UPMC health plans include North Carolina, Texas, Washington DC, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida and Maryland. They have approximately 2,000,000 patients, all of them women in receiving care specifically designed for women and they deliver more than 100,000 babies every year. The company reported over $900,000 in revenue as of the 2017 fiscal year.

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