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Sutherland Global Services is a company specializing in business process outsourcing and technology services. They provide both back-office and front-office services throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer. That includes a number of different services. Sutherland Global Services has over 38,000 employees and many of the positions are technology-specific, such as design, engineering, digital expertise, financial and banking, research, marketing, and strategy services. They are known for being an extremely competitive company when it comes to salary and benefits packages and hire extensively in the work from home industry with the same competitive structure. The headquarters are located in Pittsford, New York, which is a suburb of Rochester.

Sutherland Global Research was founded in 1986 and was in business for nearly 20 years before they began with business process outsourcing. They started with customer management back in the eighties. That was due to the founder's previous work at Xerox, where a market development group handled everything to get products to a certain price point and into the hands of customers. The goal was to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the sales force. As this group grew and a need for these types of services was showing itself, people began leaving to start their own companies including the founder and current CEO of Sutherland Global Services. Some of the services that they provide include customer engagement services, design research, design strategy, digital design, investment research, venture capital research, analytics and artificial intelligence automation, program management, technology advisory, data integration, and more.

This company has clients all over the world, including call centers throughout the globe, and has had just a single round of funding that totaled $30 million. This funding round happened on March 28, 2006, and there is no information on to the investor was.

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