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About Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark is a multinational corporation based in the United States. The company primarily creates and distributes paper-based consumer products. Most of these are personal care products like Kleenex facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, Cottonelle toilet paper, Scott paper towels, utility wipes, scientific cleaning wipes, and Huggies disposable diaper brands and baby wipes. As of 2017, the company had over 42,000 people working for them. Some of the employment opportunities at Kimberly-Clark include customer experience pricing support associates, forecasting consultants, senior collection specialists, product testing coordinators, senior marketing executives, regional sales managers, digital innovation leads, travel and expense analysts, IT automation workers, delivery managers, laboratory assistants, and much more.

Kimberly-Clark was founded in 1872 as Kimberly, Clark and Company. It was founded by John A. Kimberly, Charles B. Clark, Havilah Babcock, and Franklyn C. Shattuck with approximately $42,000 of capital. The group's first business implementation was operating paper mills. This expanded into developing cotton substitutes that were used by the Army and a variety of other products. Today the company is one of the leading providers in commercial and personal care products including some of the best-known personal care brands that are advertised heavily on television. These include Kleenex, Huggies, Depends, Cottonelle toilet paper, GoodNites Little Swimmers, and more.

The company began to expand internationally in the 1950s with operating plants in Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In the 1960s, Kimberly-Clark expanded to an additional 17 overseas locations and continues to expand beyond that. This is a publicly traded company that reports their financial information and as of the 2017 fiscal year they had $18.51 billion in revenue. They also reported revenue per share at $52.78.

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