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GE Healthcare is an American subsidiary under the parent company General Electric. They manufacture and sell healthcare products like radiopharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging agents and products related to medical diagnostics. The company develops medical imaging, diagnosis and information technology systems as well as patient monitoring systems. They also do drug research and studies on diseases and biopharmaceuticals. At last count, they had approximately 54,000 employees with some of the open positions including field engineer, clinical sales representative, production Associates, staff technical project manager, senior project manager, director of digital workplace in collaboration, biomedical technician, material specialist manager, cyber security engineer, DHS leader, repair technician and senior analytics consultant.

The history of GE Healthcare starts in 1893 when CF Samms and JB Wantz founded the victor electric company. They initially made electrostatic generators for x-ray tubes and electro therapeutic devices. Immediately after the discovery of x-rays, Victor electric got into the business of making x-ray machines. The company grew considerably during the 20th century, changing headquarters and facilities to much larger buildings, and expanding their reach when it came to products and services offered. The name went through several changes including a change to the General Electric X-Ray Company after they were acquired by General Electric in 1920.

Some of the products that GE Healthcare provides include accessories and supplies, advanced visualization, anesthesia delivery, computerized tomography, contrast media, diagnostic ECG, EP recording, refurbished goldenseal systems and healthcare IT. GE healthcare has offices all over the world. Some of their major operations include Paris, France; Helsinki, Finland; Kraków, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan and Bangalore, India. They reported revenue in 2016 of $18.3 billion. They also reported operating income of $3.2 billion in 2016. Their parent company, General Electric, reported revenue of $122.09 billion in 2017.

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