About Gannett

Gannett Company Inc., is a media holding company that is based in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Gannett is the largest U.S. newspaper publisher based on the daily circulation (number of readers). The company reported an annual revenue of $3.146 billion USD in 2017, and a net income of $67.571 million. Gannett employs 15,300 people, with jobs ranging from staff writers, to sales teams, to marketers, to designers, to editors, to managers.

The company is responsible for a number of large publications, which include USA Today, as well as regional Detroit Free Press, The Indianapolis Star, The Tennessean, and The Cincinnati Enquirer, among others.

Gannett is owned by parent company Tegna, previously known as Gannet Co. Inc.
Gannett Company was formed in 1923 by founder Frank Gannet. The company grew out of Elmira Gazette, another newspaper business that he began in 1906. The Gannett was considered conservative and rose to prominence through the process of purchasing smaller independent newspapers to develop into a large chain. By 1979, the company owned and operated 79 newspapers.

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