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Battelle is a not-for-profit American company specializing in applies sciences and technology. Their headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio, and they are organized as a nonprofit corporation and charitable trust. The company exists for charitable work, scientific research and educational purposes. Some of the areas that they work in include consumer, industrial, tech strategies, economic analysis, energy, environment, health and analytics, national security, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. They had approximately 22,000 employees at last count and some of the positions the you may find open include bioformatics research scientists, IT infrastructure administrator, security specialists, clinical research nurse, developer, statistician, electrical engineer, aerospace engineer, network systems analysis, cyber scientists, director of pharmacy sales and more.

The official opening of this organization was 1929, but it was created due to a stipulation in the will of an industrialist named Gordon Battelle. The company started with contract research specifically in the areas of metal and materials science. Today, the company does their own research as well as managing laboratories for others. They developed the first nuclear fuel rods in the 1940s and outfitted World War II tanks with armor plating in 1955. They were responsible for many of the innovations through the second half of the 20th century including a number of medical advances like preventing clotting during surgical procedures, and the development of reusable insulin injection pens that maintain the same dose.

The company has a number of locations, but most of them are within the state of Ohio. They also have locations in Missouri, Virginia and in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are private nonprofit company so they do report some of their financial information and as of the 2017 fiscal year, there revenue was estimated at $6.2 billion. They also provide funds for public policy research at Ohio State University.

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