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About Acxiom

Acxiom is an American database marketing company with headquarters in Conway, Arkansas. The company collects customer information, performs analysis on it, and then sells customer and business information to advertisers to be used for targeted campaigns. They also provide data onboarding services where off-line data is transferred online for marketing purposes through a division called LiveRamp. The company had over 3200 employees as of May 2017. Some of the employment opportunities at Acxiom may include data entry, programming, systems administration, IT, human resources, database security, and more.

The company began in the same location that their headquarters are located in now. However, in 1969, when the company was founded, it was known as Demographics Incorporated. It was founded by Charles D. Ward and the original focus of the company was to produce mailing lists using a variety of methods including telephone books and payroll processing information. In 1980, the company changes name to Conway Communications Exchange and made its initial public offering. The name changed again in 1988 when it became the Acxiom Corporation. Acxiom has made a number of acquisitions and changes over the years with the most recent one happening on July 11, 2008, when Acxiom acquired ChoicePoints database from their marketing solutions division.

Acxiom is located mostly in the United States but has offices in Europe and Asia as well. They are a publicly traded company and they reported $931.85 million in revenue as of the 2017 fiscal year. That came out to revenue per share of $11.88. They also reported positive quarterly revenue growth at 6.8 percent and had a gross profit of $451.97 million. There was no information available on quarterly earnings growth.

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