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About Xerox

Xerox is a global corporation that sells print and digital document solutions, as well as documents technology, in more than 160 countries around the world. Their headquarters can be found in Norwalk, Connecticut, with most of the employees being located around Rochester, New York, which is where the main working site of the company ends. As of 2017, this company had over 35,000 employees with jobs in accounting and finance, project and procurement, industrial services, human resources, talent program, and EPS service desk positions.

Xerox can trace their roots back more than 100 years to their founding in 1906 in Rochester, New York. At the time, Xerox was called The Haloid Photographic Company, and they originally manufactured photographic paper and equipment for developing photographs. However, in 1938, an independent physicist was looking for a process for printing images using an electrically charged photoconducter and coated metal plate - which today would be known as a toner. However, it would take several decades before this technology was commercialized. The person that was credited with the founding of Xerox was Joseph C. Wilson. He took over the original company from his father and saw promise in the work of this physicist in 1946 and then began to develop a commercial product.

Xerox now provides office printers, copiers for educational institutions, production printers, multifunction printers, wide format printers, projectors, scanners, and various other office equipment as well as document solutions and services. They are a publicly traded company with reported revenue of $10.19 billion in 2017 and revenue per share reported at $40.01.

Verify Xerox Employees

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