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We set out to change the way financial information is shared during critical financial transactions. We’ve begun our own journey by building a consumer-first tool that securely shares employment and income information with verifying third parties. Whether you are in the process of buying a new house, renting an apartment, or getting a job, we believe you should have total control of your financial data. This means the ability to access and share sensitive information both quickly and securely.

Our team is built on a shared set of values that emphasize the importance of employee-first decision making and finding leverage wherever possible. We value curiosity, ambition and are always looking for motivated team-players to join us.

We are empowering individuals to own and control their financial information.

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Values We Believe In

Our team & values are what makes our company great.

Challenge the Status Quo

Falling in love with the problem, not the product, yields the best results. The willingness to challenge and reinvent ourselves will create the best solution.

Put People First

A business that is able to swiftly resolve internal and external conflicts is positioned well for long-term success. Being a group of compassionate individuals, we seek to understand other perspectives while opening ourselves up to improvement.

Find Leverage

We always look to shape the resources in front of us to create the most impactful way forward.

Be an Owner

We hold ourselves accountable and never hide from failures. We are vocal about our mistakes, seeking guidance from others whenever necessary.

Stay Humble

Humility is one of the drivers behind creating sustainable success. Not having a chip on our shoulder helps us stay level-headed, ready to to tackle the next challenge.

Take It Easy

We take our work seriously but not always ourselves. Every bit of work is more enjoyable when folks can share a laugh in between.

Founding Team

Ryan Sandler

Ryan Sandler


Before Truework, Ryan led product development for LinkedIn Salary and other features that impacted millions of HR professionals and job seekers. Ryan graduated from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science. In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing the guitar, skiing, and reading.

Ethan Winchell

Ethan Winchell


Ethan started his technical journey studying Electric Engineering at Harvard University. His interest in building delightful products drove him to building embedded electronics and wearables, prior to Truework. Ethan thrives off of creating operational efficiencies within challenging processes and cheering on his fellow Patriots as a Boston native.

Victor Kabdebon

Victor Kabdebon


Victor’s passion for technology led him to one of the top engineering schools in his home country of France. From there, he went on to earn his master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. At LinkedIn, he led the Profile Security team before joining forces with fellow LinkedIn alum, Ryan Sandler, in founding Truework.

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