About Us

We set out to change the way personal information is shared during important high-impact life events like buying a home, leasing an apartment and getting a new job. Beginning with employment and income data, Truework secures sensitive identity information by providing details only when consumers give their explicit consent. All of this work helps us build a network for verified identity that puts consumers in control of their sensitive personal information.

Our team is built on a set of shared values, emphasizing privacy and ownership. We value curiosity, ambition and are always looking for motivated team-players to join us.

Our values

Design the Future

We believe in the ability to captain our own ship, designing and building a future we desire. Nothing should just be “the way it is,” we all have our own charter to design and lead, while working across the organization in a collaborative way to drive the company forward.

Consumers First

We started Truework to give individuals control and power in an asymmetrical industry. For every decision, we consider whether the expected outcome will benefit the consumer in both the long and short term. If it doesn’t help the consumer, it’s not something we’re interested in working on.

Value diverse perspectives

We uphold inclusivity in everything we do. We strive to have a diverse team that is representative of the world around us, and aim to serve as many different types of customers and users as possible.

Be Resilient

To build for the long term, we must always remain resilient. Sometimes the challenges in front of us can feel daunting. We must remind ourselves not to panic and strive for composure under pressure.

What we believe in

Empowering Consumers

We are empowering individuals to own and control their personal information.