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How to verify income for 75% of applicants after replacing The Work Number with Truework Income

Platforms connecting new technologies offer fast and cost-effective alternatives to legacy verification providers.

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What you'll learn

You will learn about the rise of AI technology and user-permissioned solutions in the income verification space and how Truework Credentials is transforming the industry by providing a one-stop platform for verifications. You will explore the benefits of user-permissions income verifications and how they improving the applicant experience.


Why streamlining the applicant experience is important


How to maximize success with user-permissioned data


Building a comprehensive platform through automation


Using one platform, and getting a 75% completion rate

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“We love the fact that Truework allows us to set a new bar for our customers. Everyone dreads a painful financial autopsy when applying for a mortgage, but when you take paystub and W2 gathering out of the equation, it gives all parties a much better experience.”
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