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About XFINITY Prepaid

Xfinity is one of the trade names under Comcast Cable Communications LLC. They are a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation, which is a provider of consumer cable television services, broadband Internet services, telephone and wireless. Xfinity Prepaid refers to a business model that the company has where they provide Internet to customers without any sort of credit check and without a deposit. Normally, when you sign-up for Internet service, you have to demonstrate through a credit check that you pay bills on time, or you have to pay a sizable deposit. With this Internet service, you simply pay a $35 equipment and set-up fee and then prepay for your Internet each month at $45 per month. The parent company, Comcast, is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have over 164,000 employees who fill positions like technical support, installation, and customer service.

Comcast is the largest Internet service provider via cable in the United States. The company came into being when they begin offering Internet services in 1996. In 2002, Comcast had over 950,000 Internet customers, although the number is much higher now. Not only does Comcast provide Internet services through Xfinity and Xfinity prepaid services, they also provide Wi-Fi on demand services through hot spots that are piggybacked onto other people's Internet modems. All dual band gateways operate both the private network and a public network that people can connect to and pay for Internet service.

Comcast and their subsidiaries like Xfinity operate solely within the United States with the majority of customers located in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts a close second. DC has 97 percent of Comcast customers while 85.4 percent of Massachusetts customers are connected to Comcast. This is a publicly traded company and they reported revenues of $84.52 billion as of the 2017 fiscal year.

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