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Sanderson Farms is one of the top three producers of poultry in the United States. Each week, Sanderson Farms produces well over 9 million chickens. Its headquarters are located in Mississippi and the company is on the Fortune 1000 list. It is one of only four companies that have the majority of market share when it comes to poultry farming in the United States. They have over 14,000 employees, and employment opportunities may include things like debone supervisor, specially supervisor, specialty processing, deboning supervisor, polybag or drip line processing, personnel supervisor, quality control supervisor, evisceration supervisor, maintenance supervisor, sanitation positions, processing teacher, and shipping or other supply line positions.

The company began in 1951 when DR Sanderson Senior and his two sons DR Junior and Joe Frank formed what was then called the Sanderson Brothers Company. In 1955, the company was incorporated in the name was changed to Sanderson Brothers Farms. In 1961, the name was changed in to Sanderson Farms Incorporated. They are the only company in Mississippi that makes the Fortune 1000 list. Products include whole chickens, breasts, chicken drumsticks, legs, chicken tenders, thighs, chicken wings, and a variety of other packaged, frozen, or refrigerated chicken products that you can find at your local grocery store.

Sanderson Farms is not an international company. They are only located in the United States. However, they do have many locations within the United States. For example, they have a feed mill in Adel, Georgia, as well as a hatchery in the same location. They also have a processing plant in a hatchery in Bryan, Texas and other cities and states where you can find Sanderson Farms include Collins, Mississippi; Easterly, Texas; and Hammond, Louisiana, plus several others. As of the 2017 fiscal year, they reported $3.36 billion in revenue with $149.36 revenue per share.

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