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Regal Beloit is a manufacturing corporation within the United States that specifically creates electric motors. The company has various facilities located throughout the United States as well as in some other countries as well. They have locations the new manufacturing, sales locations as well as service centers. There are more than 23,000 people that work for this company as of 2014, and they are listed on the Forbes 1000 list. Regal Beloist is also seventeenth on the list of largest corporations in the state of Wisconsin. Their headquarters are in Beloit, Wisconsin. Some of the employment opportunities include design engineers, industrial sales, production supervisors, lab technicians, operational excellence directors, customer service representatives, electronics design team, bore grinder operators, and more.

This company began in 1955 with the name Beloit Tool Corporation. They quickly moved to facilities in South Beloit, Illinois, and change the name in 1969. The original location was an abandoned roller skating rink. The company exploded in the 1980s and created an entirely new product line thanks to their acquisitions of dozens of other smaller companies. In 1991, they moved their headquarters again, but in the same city with a different location, this time in downtown Beloit. They acquired two companies from General Electric in 2004 and basically doubled the size of the company. Some of the products include electrical HVAC motors, electric generators, high-voltage induction motors, AC motors, capacitors, electrical connector devices, gears, gearboxes, automotive transmissions, and automotive rings and pinions.

Regal Beloit can be found around the world including locations like Australia, Canada, Central America, China, the Netherlands, India, Mexico and other parts of Latin America, Israel and of course in the United States. They reported revenue of $3.52 billion for the 2017 fiscal year with revenue per share at $79.55.

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