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QuikTrip is a chain of convenience stores based in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and stores operate near that headquarters. Quiktrip has been listed among the Top Stores to Work For on the Fortune 100 list for many years, taking the number 21 spot in 2006. They were also ranked 27th in 2008. QuikTrip also ranked 33rd on the Forbes magazine list of the largest private companies as of 2016. The store had over 22,000 employees as of 2017, and some of the employment opportunities include assistant managers, relief managers, night assistants, second assistant managers, store managers, clerks, and more.

The company was started by Bert Holmes in 1958 after he drove through Dallas, Texas, and saw the success of 7-Eleven. He took on a business partner and opened his first store in a strip mall in 1958. Like most convenience stores, QuikTrip carried a wide variety of items that people might need. The chain grew quickly and expanded to Missouri in 1971. They also begin to sell gasoline that year as states legalized self-service gas station. They improved their inventory and were able to expand, becoming one of the most lucrative convenience store chains by 1976.

There are currently more than 750 Quiktrip stores located in the following states: Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Carolina, and Oklahoma. As of the fiscal year 2017, their revenue was $9.16 billion.

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