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Nike is a multinational organization based in the United States that manufactures, markets, and distributes footwear along with apparel, equipment, and accessories that are sports-related. The company headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon, which is just outside of Portland. Nike is not only the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, but it is also one of the largest manufacturers of sports equipment. The number of employees reported in 2017 has grown considerably from 2012 with over 74,000 global workers reported. Some of the categories that they often have positions in include corporate services, digital, manufacturing and engineering, design, marketing, communications, merchandising, sales, supply chain positions and of course a number of retail positions.

Nike was founded on January 25, 1964, by Bill Bowerman. Originally, it was called Blue Ribbon Sports, but the name changed on May 30, 1971, to be based on the Greek goddess of victory. Today, the Nike swoosh logo is found globally. Most of the products that Nike offers are footwear products, but they also make a lot of sports equipment and offer apparel that are branded with the Nike logo. Product lines include men's, women's, kids, and customized items.

Nike is found all over the world and has offices throughout North America. However, their international business has grown considerably as well and they have offices throughout Europe, in the Middle East, in several places in Africa, in greater China and throughout the Asia-Pacific and Latin America and regions. As of 2017, the Nike brand was valued at $29.6 billion. And, as of the 2017 fiscal year, they reported revenue of $37.28 billion and revenue per share at $23.12. They also had quarterly revenue growth of 9.7 percent.

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