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Major League Baseball, commonly abbreviated MLB, is a professional sports organization that governs the sport of baseball. This is the oldest of four major professional sports leagues in Canada and the United States. 30 teams play in Major League baseball. Major League Baseball has many employment opportunities, including positions in their MLB Advanced Media Division, through the Office of the Commissioner, and positions within the MLB network as well.

Major League Baseball began with soldiers who played the sport in the late 1860s. Baseball quickly became a national game and the soldiers set the framework for the governing body of baseball. It was originally called the National Association of Baseball Players. For several years, this was an amateur league. By 1867, there were more than 400 clubs that had been formed and had become members of this governing body. The strongest clubs are still affiliated with this governing body, and in 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings - the first professional team - was established. Major League Baseball is divided up into two different leagues called the American League and the National League. Each of these leagues have three divisions that comprise the east, west, and central leagues. Within each bracket, such as the American League East, there are five teams for the total 30 teams that make up professional baseball.

Professional baseball makes a lot of money through merchandising and ticket sales. As of 2017, Major League Baseball revenues exceeded $10 billion for the first time. Major League Baseball has been setting records for revenue during the past 15 years.

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