About Lyft

Lyft is a company that offers on-demand transportation via a smartphone app. It is an example of a business thriving in the new "sharing economy" and has been highly disruptive across the US. Lyft operates via its mobile app and today serves 300 different U.S. cities, providing over 1 million rides every single day.

As of June 2018, the company was valued at $15.1 billion. There are over 1 million Lyft drivers across the U.S. Drivers must undergo a screening process, which includes a background check and in-person interviews. Clients can then view their drivers through the app, see quotes, and place orders.

If the lift is accepted, then the app will show the driver's name, their ratings, and a photo of both the car and the driver themselves. Features that set this service apart from similar offerings include the ability to share rides with other passengers, thereby saving money. There is also the option to use services that will provide specific types of vehicle-such as Lux, which provides a luxury black vehicle for four passengers.

Moving forward, Lyft is looking to offer additional services. For instance, in March 2018, it was announced that Lyft would be teaming with Allscripts in order to provide rides for patients so that they could reach healthcare appointments. This feature will be launching soon, and will serve 2,500 hospitals and 7 million patients.

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