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How to do employment verification on Zenefits?

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Zenefits is an HR management tool founded in 2013. They serve a wide variety of customers across a number of industries, like MeUndies, Impact, and Fireclay Tile.

Zenefits began with a focus on health insurance but now offers additional cloud-based solutions for payment, time management, scheduling, onboarding, and more. Zenefits also offers on-demand access to HR and payroll specialists, giving businesses without HR insight the information they need.

While Zenefits initially focused on health insurance, they now pride themselves on streamlining the employee onboarding process and saving clients time with the ability to template onboarding emails, automate job offers, and more.

How Zenefits customers can benefit from Truework

Zenefits offers a number of HR tools but doesn’t have a native solution for employment verification. This means employment verification on Zenefits requires an additional tool. Zenefits customers can benefit from supplementing their HR toolkit with Truework’s employment verification services.

Truework makes it possible to automate the entire employment verification process. Much like Zenefits’ job-offer templates, Truework gives you the ability to template verification letters. This lets your employees create their own employment letters, giving them control over the verification process.

Truework also adds an additional layer of security to employment verification. This is done by notifying the employee when a third party is requesting the employee’s information. This keeps the employee in control, saves HR time, and ensures that everyone quickly gets the info they need.

So, while employment verification on Zenefits may not be possible with a native solution, it is possible with the streamlined services of Truework.

Streamlining employment verification on Zenefits

Zenefits is all about streamlining the onboarding process through automation and template use. Coupled with Truework’s automated verification process, Zenefits customers can save time, bolster security, and deliver a more complete experience.

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