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Employment Verification

How to choose the best employment verification service

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Employment verification requests are inevitable for nearly every business; prospective employees will need to be verified before being hired, or current employees will need verification for personal loans or various governments services. The right employment verification service can make this process simple and painless.

No two employment verification services are the same, so it’s important to understand what separates the good from the bad and how to choose the best employment verification service.

Why your choice of employment verification service matters

The wrong employment verification service can result in more work for you, less transparency for employees, and a poor experience for everyone involved. Cornerstone Staffing, a recruitment agency based in Dallas, had an employment verification-service experience that exemplifies the importance of choosing the right service.

For Cornerstone Staffing, the wrong employment verification service resulted in multiple steps that could have been avoided. When an employee wanted to verify their employment, the HR department had to instruct the employee to call the verification service, walk them through the lengthy process on the phone, and then manually draft the verification letters. The process sometimes took weeks and resulted in employees having to call various representatives from the verification company.

It’s been reported that more than 70% of the workforce lacks trust in HR. An experience like the one described above, in which employees have to jump through numerous hoops, can damage the already-fragile relationship between HR and employees.

Once Cornerstone switched to Truework, they were able to sync their existing HR software with Truework’s verification service. This enabled them to quickly initiate an employment verification when requested, at which point Truework asked the employee for consent. Once consent was obtained, the process was in motion and over with, sans any manual letter-writing or phone calls. In the event that there was an issue or something that required attention from HR or the employee, Cornerstone reports that Truework addressed the concern within a day in most cases. As a result, employees were able to focus on work and stress less.

What makes the best employment verification service?

Employment verification services mostly have the same goal: to verify employment for a lender, employer, and so on. But the best employment verification services will accomplish this goal with transparency, efficiency, and an intuitive system that’s easy to use.

When looking for an employment verification service, consider the following, as each of these factors can affect the employee and employer experience.


The security of personal information is a hot topic in the United States. In fact, 81% of Americans feel they lack control when it comes to what information companies are able to obtain or share. The employment verification process, when handled properly, is an opportunity for employers to put some of these concerns at ease.

Not all employment verification services will notify employees when their information is being shared, or with whom. An employee may apply for a loan or be trying to secure new childcare rates but may not be aware their employment information needs to be verified in the first place.

The service should notify employees that their information is being shared and should ask for consent beforehand. Remember that an overwhelming majority of workers don’t trust HR. This kind of transparency can be empowering for employees and can help mend any mistrust they may have with HR or their employer.

Allow employee submissions

Giving employees the option to begin the verification process themselves, rather than waiting for HR or another party to initiate it, can empower employees and help allay their concerns about information security.

Cornerstone’s old employment verification process had to be initiated by HR but then necessitated that employees speak with numerous representatives on the phone. This initial process alone could take upwards of a week, with the entire process lasting several weeks in some cases. This often stressed employees out and was anything but empowering.

When looking for a verification service, ask them about the process and how involved employees need to be. While you want employees to be able to initiate the process themselves, you don’t want it to be a cumbersome process that leads to stress, distractions, and lost time.

Compatible with numerous HRIS providers

Most businesses are utilizing some form of human resource information system (HRIS). These systems allow HR to easily store and manage employee information, insurance, salary data, and more.

Look for an employment verification service that’s compatible with most HRIS providers; this will allow you to save time, ensure accuracy, and quickly send information.

For example, with their previous verification service, Cornerstone was required to fax any updated payroll information over to the provider anytime there was a change. There was only one rep available to handle this process, which resulted in weeks of emailing before the information was updated. This could hold up the entire verification process, resulting in a poor employee experience.

Once they switched to a provider that could sync with their HRIS, Cornerstone no longer had to wait on anyone to update their information. They simply had to update it in their HRIS, at which point it would be updated in Truework’s system.

Expanded functionality

While your goal with an employment verification service is to get the employment verified, additional functionality is a plus. Look for a service that offers additional features, like employment-letter assistance, automated verification sends, information security, and so on.

For example, Truework has a self-serve letter generator. This allows employees to quickly create an employment letter for verification purposes. An employment letter can mean the difference between getting a loan or securing childcare, so this time-saving functionality is huge for employees.

Customer service

There’s always a chance you’ll need help with your employment verification service. Look for a service with well-reviewed customer support.

Check the Better Business Bureau and other rating sites to see if there are complaints about service and whether the company offers telephone service during hours that fit your schedule.

Lastly, think about how you prefer to contact customer support, and ensure those channels are available. For example, if you prefer online chat, make sure the company offers that as a support avenue.

Finding the perfect fit

The employment verification service you go with is ultimately your choice. Budget restrictions can make it easy to opt for the cheapest service available, but don’t forget about the cost that can come with a service that lacks transparency: a lack of trust from employees and an increased risk of turnover.

Research the options available, and speak with any relevant shareholders to determine which service best fits your business. Even if you have a small team right now, be mindful of the fact that your team could grow, and with that growth can come increased employment verification needs.

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