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Employees on Gusto payroll employment and income letters

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Gusto Payroll is the home for hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses and the favorite payroll system for millions of US workers.

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Letters of employment and letters of income

Truework and Gusto partnered to offer letters of employment and income (VOE and VOIE) letters to all employees on Gusto Payroll.

Employees can generate certified letters of employment or income on their own. This document will be downloaded to their device and can be shared with a bank, renter, or any other institution that needs proof of employment or income.

To learn more about the letter of employment or income feature, head over to our help center.

Need help getting verified?

Truework provides a feature for employees to share a link to a bank, mortgage company, or any other institution to start the verification process.

To learn more about the help getting verified feature, head over to our help center

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