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Index Ventures is a venture capital firm with headquarters in both London and San Francisco. The firm was founded as a swiss-bond trading company by Gerald Rimer in 1976. In 1992, Rimer’s son joined the firm and the father-son duo began the company’s technology investment arm, which would eventually morph into Index Ventures. The company’s first fund was a pilot fund raised in 1996 after Giuseppe Zocco joined. This first fund had a capitalization of $17 million USD, followed in 1998 by a fund with a total capitalization of $180 million USD. As of 2018, Index Ventures had 9 investment partners; Sarah Cannon, Mark Goldberg, Jan Hammer, Martin Mignot, Danny Rimer, Neil Rimer, Shardul Shah, Dominique Vidal, and Mike Volpi.

In 2018, Index raised $1.2 billion USD for two separate funds; the first focused on early stage investment and the second intended for later stage growth investments. As of 2018, Index had invested in a total of 160 companies in 24 different countries with a combined employee count of over 35,000. The firm itself employed 90 individuals across all its offices at that time. Current and past portfolio companies include Dropbox, Facebook, Optimizely, Roblox, Bird, Robinhood, Skype, Sonos as well as many more.

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