About Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is a foodservice distributor headquartered in Wyoming, Michigan. The company serves the Eastern side of the US, operating cash and carry stores across many States including Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and more. GFS employs 19,000 people and reported a total revenue of $12.9 billion in 2016. Employment opportunities include customer service, store management, marketing, sales, purchasing, accounting, HR, and more.

GFS was formed in 1897 by Isaac van Westenbrugge as an egg and butter delivery service. Van Westenbrugge was a 23 year-old Dutch immigrant, who reportedly only had $300 - which was a loan from his brother - to his name. From that small start, the company would eventually grow to become the national chain that it is today. Ben Gordon would also join the company and eventually marry Van Westenbrugge's daughter.

The first cash and carry store was opened in 1979. Originally the stores would only open in industrial areas, but the stores have since shrunk and been placed in commercial areas in a bid to attract retail trade. Today there are 170 Gordon Food Service stores.

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