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Etsy is one of the best-known and most user-friendly e-commerce websites currently available today. The focus of the company is to provide a place for people to sell unique items, particularly ones that they have made themselves. Items might be artwork, jewelry or even food and bath products. Sellers can create their own store on the website and set whatever price they want. Etsy takes $0.20 for every item that is sold. There were approximately 54 million people using the service as of December 2014. Employment opportunities at Etsy include android engineers, data engineers, full stack senior software engineers, test automation engineers, cloud operations developers, machine learning engineer, structured data and more.

The website began in 2005 when a small company called Iospace had the idea for and started designing the site. The initial founders of the company were Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik with more people coming on board later. Some of the categories that are listed on the website which products are placed into include clothing and shoes, home and living, jewelry and accessories, wedding and party, toys and entertainment, art and collectibles, vintage and craft supplies. Some of the products that you might find include photography, clothing, jewelry, food, beauty products, quilts, craft supplies and jewelry tools.

Besides the United States, Etsy has five international offices including one in Australia, another in Germany, one in Canada, one in France and then one in the United Kingdom. The company reported $495.95 million in revenue for the 2017 fiscal year with revenue per share of $4.11. They also reported quarterly revenue growth of 30.2 percent and had a gross profit of $290.25 million.

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