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Dell EMC is an American multinational corporation with headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Until 2016, the company was called EMC Corporation. Their main focus is data storage and information security as well as cloud computing and other products and services for organizations that need to store, analyze and protect data. They work with large companies and medium-sized businesses across many different markets. The company went public on April 6, 1986. At last count, EMC had over 70,000 employees. They were also the largest provider of data storage systems in the world, even competing against IBM and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Some of the employment opportunities at Dell EMC include enterprise technical support, global supply and chain engineering, financial analysis, EMEA production account advisor, technical sales representativek and many more.

EMC was founded in 1979 by Richard Egan, John Curleyk and Roger Marino. The name comes from the first letters of all of their last names. The company was the first to introduce a 64-kilobyte memory board for the prime computer in 1981. They begin to develop more and more sophisticated memory boards and soon became a leader in the field and a multibillion dollar company. Some of the services provided by EMC include information storage, archiving, data backup and recovery, storage and content management services, security and compliance services, virtualization, cloud computing, and data computing.

Although most of the business that EMC does is within the United States, they have expanded internationally as well and have clients over the world. They are the largest provider of data services and their client roster includes some of the best-known companies out there, many of whom have extremely sensitive data to protect. Dell EMC has an estimated revenue of $9.2 billion annually and competes with companies like Mohave Networks and Palo Alto Networks.

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