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                              Burlington, previously known as Burlington Coat Factory, is an American department store that is under the umbrella of Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation. They are present in 45 US states as well as in Puerto Rico and the headquarters are in Burlington Township, New Jersey. The company went public for the second time in 2013. As of 2017, there were approximately 40,000 employees working at Burlington stores, distribution centers and corporate offices across the United States. Many of these positions were cashier positions. Like many department stores, Burlington amps up its hiring during the holidays and other seasonal times, and there are various positions within distribution centers including sorting, quality control, packaging, and more, as well as positions in corporate.

The story of Burlington Coat Factory can be traced back to 1972 when Henrietta Milstein and her husband purchased a factory outlet in Burlington City, New Jersey that had gone out of business. The sale price was $675,000 and the $75,000 down payment was money that she had saved from her job as a librarian. The couple sold coats and jackets wholesale at first, but since this was a seasonal business, they began adding other clothing items and accessories including linens, baby items, gift items, shoes and more. The store continued to expand and now there are more than 630 locations across the United States as of 2017.

The only location of the Burlington store that might be considered international is the one in Puerto Rico. The rest of the stores are located within US states. Burlington is a public company and reported revenue of $6.41 billion for the 2017 fiscal year with revenue per share of $95.35. They also reported fairly significant growth in both revenue and earnings with 9.9 percent quarterly revenue growth and 51.3 percent on quarterly earnings growth.

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