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Barclay's in the United States is backed by the Barclays Organization, which is a transatlantic consumer wholesale bank that has customers all over the world. They have clients in dozens of countries and a network of nearly 100,000 people who manage and protect money for clients in those countries. In the United States, Barclays works with many of the top companies to deliver credit card programs for small businesses and personal use. Barclay's has more than 85,000 employees over the world. They also have various employment opportunities consistent with a credit card company that includes customer service representatives, approval experts, supervisors financial analysts, investors, and more

Barclays itself is one of the oldest companies still in existence today. They started back in 1690 when a Quaker named John Freame and another man named Thomas Gould started a company called Goldsmith Bankers in London. The business was named Barclay's and started in 1736 when Freames son-in-law, James Barclay, joined the company. The company became a well-known entity in London during the 18th and 19th centuries with headquarters on Lombard Street which became a part of the downtown London landscape. Products offered by Barclays include commercial banking, investment banking, retail banking, investment banking and wealth management. The only service that they do not offer is personal banking.

Not only is Barclays in the United Kingdom and in the United States, but they actually are all around the world. You can find Barclays Banks in the following locations: Russia, South Africa, France, Croatia, Indonesia, India, Morocco, the Isle of Man, China, and more. This is a publicly traded company that reported $25.42 billion in revenue as of 2017 and had revenue per share of $5.97. Their reported quarterly revenue growth of 11.1 percent.

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