About Bank of America Store and Heritage Center

The Bank of America store is an American retail location affiliated with the Bank of America that is located within Bank of America heritage centers. These heritage centers are created to demonstrate the history of the bank and show how it has affected the development of various major industries and public works projects. There are several leaves located around the country, and they are basically interactive banking museums that also sell a variety of retail products related to banking. It is unknown how many employees there actually are as part of these heritage centers and retail stores, but Bank of America itself employs around 209,000 people. As you might imagine, some of the employment opportunities in these locations include cashier, maintenance and janitorial, curation of museum exhibits and more.

According to company promotional information, the first bank that the modern Bank of America can be traced back to opened its doors more than 200 years ago. However, other experts agree that the original Bank of America was founded in 1904 as the Bank of Italy by an immigrant named Amadeo Pietro Giannini, who wanted to provide fellow immigrants with banking services that they could not get at the time through conventional banks. In 1922, it was renamed the Bank of America and Italy, and has gone through a number of incarnations since then. Branches have been built all over the world and as for Heritage Center Stores, they have now been set up in multiple states across the US.

The locations where you will find a heritage center and retail store for Bank of America include San Francisco, California; Charlotte, North Carolina at the bank's corporate headquarters; Los Angeles, California; and Concorde, California. Bank of America's reported revenue from 2017 was $84.51 billion.

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