About Bank of America

The Bank of America Corporation, which is often known by the abbreviation BofA, is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. Their headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, but they have major hubs in Hong Kong, Toronto, London, and New York City. There are also approximately 4600 retail locations and, as of 2017, Bank of America had 209,000 employees. There are many employment opportunities within Bank of America, most of most of which are banking positions within the retail locations. That includes bank managers, tellers, security guards, loan officers and more.

The history of the Bank of America dates back to October 17, 1904, when an Italian immigrant named Amadeo Giannini created the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. The bank served immigrants who had been denied service from the existing banks which only served the wealthiest Americans.

The main products and services of Bank of America are investment banking services and wealth management, but they also have a significant amount of revenue from consumer products like loans, credit products, checking, and savings accounts and other banking services. It is unknown how many Bank of America customers the company currently has, but they had 58 million customers as recently as 2011. The most recent major news for Bank of America was the acquisition of Merrill Lynch in 2008.

BofA is the sixth largest American public company and Bank of America has $313 billion in market capitalization. They reported 102.9 billion dollars in revenue in 2017.

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