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Bacardi Limited is the largest privately held spirits company in the world and has been family owned since it was founded in 1862. The company now has a portfolio of over 200 brands and labels, though the name is still largely associated with its flagship, white rum product. Bacardi also manufactures at over 25 facilities on four different continents and has sales in over 150 countries. Bacardi reported a revenue of $4.6 billion in 2014. They offer many employment opportunities and as of 2018, Bacardi employed 6000 people globaly. These position include branding, business management, warehouse maintenance, and more.

The company operates out of its headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda, and was formed in 1862. The business was founded by Facundo Bacardi Masso, who was a Spanish wine merchant born in Catalonia, Spain. Rum was cheap to produce at this time and was not considered to be a refined beverage. Facundo intended to tame rum by isolating a strain of yeast that is still used in the product today. This provided a unique flavor that the company would become known for. The process also involved removing numerous impurities in order to produce one of the first white rums.

Bacardi Masso and his brother Jose purchased a distillery and would go on to begin producing the drink in large quantities. The company's well-known bat logo is a reference to the fruit bats that lived in the early distillery.

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