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Streamlined Employment Verifications

Truework automatically responds to income & employment verification requests from lenders, landlords and background check companies.

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Eliminate HR Distractions

  • Automated employment & income verifications
  • All information stored within one simple dashboard for real-time data monitoring

Put Your Employees First

  • Employees are asked to provide additional approval anytime a request is deemed suspicious using Truework's unique Transactional Risk Scoring
  • Authorized verifications are processed in seconds, enabling faster employee access to financial products and services (i.e. buying a home)

Secure Your Team's Sensitive Data

  • Every verification request is authenticated only after receiving proper approval documentation
  • Fully compliant with state & federal data privacy laws

Generate Instant Letters of Employment

  • Empower your employees to create letters of employment for travel, visa and other purposes
  • No additional HR input required- fully self-service letters for every employee.
The process

How it works

1. Verifier validation

Truework automatically checks the legitimacy of both the verifier and employee authorization form by validating the email domain, business license or NMLS number, as well as the verifier’s permissible purpose. 

2. Transactional Risk Score applied

Each verification is given a risk score based on request metadata. Variables include verifier reputation, business reputation and other data points such as IP address. Elevated risk scores require additional employee authorization.

3. Verification complete

Employers can keep track of verifications through an easy-to-use dashboard while employees can generate their own employment letters for low-touch verifications such as travel visas.


We connect with all HR providers

Connecting Truework with your company’s existing HR or payroll system is done in minutes.

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