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Truework is now live on Encompass®

Loan processing teams can verify any U.S. employee through Truework on Encompass, the leading mortgage origination platform.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Truework is now a fully-integrated partner with Encompass®, the leading loan origination platform for mortgage lenders. Loan processing teams can now verify any U.S. employee through Truework without leaving the Encompass environment.

With Encompass having more than 50% market share for loan originations, thousands of lenders now have seamless access to Truework to process faster income verifications.

Why Truework

  • Instant verifications for over 35 million U.S. employees
  • Verification coverage for every U.S. employee
  • Access to all third party verification providers through the Truework platform

Save time with Truework + Encompass

Truework accelerates mortgage applications by helping lender verify income and employment data faster. The Encompass integration makes submitting these verifications easier than ever, helping loan processors save time organizing VOE/VOIs into one system, with consolidated billing and invoicing built-in.


Encompass® users will now be able to combine the industry’s most recognized loan origination system with industry-best verification coverage and speed on Truework ” said Ryan Sandler, CEO and co-founder of Truework. “We’re bringing an automated, one-stop service for all income and employment verifications to Encompass. Our API-enabled integration gives Encompass administrators plug-and-play functionality, making Truework one of the easiest integrations in the Encompass ecosystem.

Processors don’t have to switch back and forth between different verification tools when processing applications through Truework - eliminating the need to juggle multiple logins and passwords.

Encompass users now have direct access to Truework service and dedicated customer support team without leaving the loan origination ecosystem.

How to use Truework on Encompass

Getting started requires a Truework Teams account

Get Started on Truework Teams

For Encompass Administrators

  • Add Truework as a new Service within Encompass®
  • Define the list of users that will be able to access Truework

For Encompass Users

  • In a loan, click on the Services tab, then select Truework
  • Submit a verification for all employments you want verified on the loan, or check status on any existing verifications
  • You will receive an email notification with every completed request and reports are available in the Encompass documents folder

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Grow your business with Truework

Join the group of 17,000 organizations that use Truework to increase applicant conversion with faster income and employment verifications.

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