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Truework expands to New York City

This month marks the official opening of the third Truework office, located in downtown Manhattan.
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Truework Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We’re hitting an exciting time of growth for our business and the need to be close to our customers has never been greater.

Why NYC?

While the social banter around ranking post-pandemic U.S. cities is entertaining, it’s missing the point. Every city has its strengths and for New York City its calling card for over a century has been its status as an epicenter in the global financial world.

New York was an easy choice for our third office (the first two being in San Francisco and Salt Lake City) because that’s where the opportunity for business growth is the greatest. For us, the bustling activity most commonly associated with the Big Apple is important for two reasons: customers and talent.


Building a successful startup and accelerating growth requires a tight feedback loop between you and your customers. Nearly every one of the country’s largest financial institutions has a presence in New York. We look forward to deepening our relationships with our largest customers to help improve our products and services.

We wouldn’t have achieved the success we’ve had without these partnerships. Conversations with product, operations and underwriting teams at companies like Better, Caliber and more have helped us prioritize development and deliver better solutions, faster. We cannot wait to continue this momentum.


New York has a wide-range of exceptional talent, in part because of its history facilitating growth in financial services. More big tech companies are opening offices in NYC and more startups are getting off the ground there. We’re excited to tap into this talent pool as we launch into our next phase of growth.

Tools like Slack, Zoom and Gong have made remote work a possibility, but it’s hard to replace the spontaneity and camaraderie that manifests from a thriving office experience.

Come work with us

Suffice to say, we are hiring for a number of roles with a handful (including Software Engineer, Account Executive and Chief of Staff) specifically in New York. Follow the link to apply or reach out to us at

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