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A new look for the new Truework

The why behind the refresh
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Adam Kerin
SVP Marketing
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Welcome to the new look and feel of Truework. For the first time since Truework was featured in the New York Times back in 2018, we’ve refreshed our brand to reflect our evolution and our audience. While the style is new, the values behind our vision to “create trust in every financial transaction” remain the same. 

Simplification: from four logos to one

The first step was to reduce the sheer number of logos. Truework began with not one, not two, but four different logos; multi-color, gradient, wireframe, and solid. We opted for the simplest and cleanest baseline for our refreshed look.

Previous Truework logos

This simplification and unification is also a reflection of our new product direction. Much like the unnecessary complexity of four logos, our customers had to integrate up to four disparate and disconnected products to cover all the major income verification methods. One for instant data, one for user-permissioned payroll data, manual verifications, etc. 

The new Truework Income platform consolidates all these verification methods into one. That’s one integration, providing one VOI/E report, one bill. It’s only fitting that we should have one logo to reflect this consolidation. 

Real impact on real people 

Truework was founded on a principle of “consumers-first,” and that remains true to this day. Our co-founders were shocked to discover that your private income history was sold behind the scenes without our awareness or consent. 

Our previous creative used a “Corporate Memphis” style to depict people as cartoon characters. To reflect that our work has a real impact on real and important events like securing a mortgage, buying a car, or landing an apartment, we wanted to use real people in our design. 

Comparing brand style before and after

Enterprise-grade with enterprise green

Truework’s story began as a product-led growth company, as so many many startups do. Those early days were all about the self-serve model for individual loan processors. As Truework scaled up-market, we evolved to include a full go-to-market team, which in turn allowed us to win and serve 20 of the top 25 mortgage lenders in the United States.

While the palette of bright colors appealed to consumers, we wanted a new color to reflect our enterprise focus. And to stand apart from a sea of sameness that is “blurple,” or mix of blue and purple. You’ll see “blurple” in many brands, including fellow fintech infrastructure companies, our partners, our customers, and even a credit bureau. To separate ourselves from the barrage of blurple brands, we opted for a darker mix of Moss, Mint, and Midnight.

Truework logos

Experience the new Truework yourself 

At the core of the new brand is the new Truework Income platform. Learn more about this all-in-one VOI/E solution on this new website or by connecting with our Sales team below.

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