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Introducing reverifications — now on Truework

Today, we’re excited to announce that reverifications are now live on Truework.
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Table of Contents

Today, we’re excited to announce that reverifications are now live on Truework.

We’ve been working closely with our customers to identify and solve pain points that they might have—and it was clear that there needed to be an easier and a more streamlined way to reverify employment—especially for our mortgage lender customers.

Reverifications are key in helping lenders remain in compliance with underwriting requirements, and are imperative for government-sponsored entities—otherwise known as GSEs—to combat fraud and uncertainty within the mortgage industry.

Especially in today’s climate, reverifying employment has increasingly become a must-complete step before funding. Due to COVID-19, we’ve seen that lenders have been facing stricter requirements than ever; with most needing to re-verify employment between 3 to 10 days before the loan closes. This results in additional work for lenders who are already battling a deluge of mortgage applications and refis.

We’re here to help.

Now that reverifications are live—Truework is your one-stop-shop for all verifications. And just like traditional employment and income verifications on Truework you can be sure that your reverifications are fast, cost-effective, and secure.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reverify employment for any request submitted through Truework within 90 days of submitting the original request
  • Discounted rate for reverifications; when you reverify with Truework, you’ll receive a discounted rate from your original verification request—making it a no-brainer to complete your reverifications with Truework
  • Even faster turnaround times than traditional Truework verifications
  • Get up-to-date employment status on all reverification reports, which may also include job title, dates of employment, and start date

It’s easy to get started on reverifications.

Either through your dashboard, email, or original verification request—you’ll simply click “reverify” to automatically prompt the reverification process for any request.

In your dashboard, you’ll be able to easily visualize which requests are reverifications, and be able to click into said request to view the original verification.

We’ll be rolling out this feature automatically to all Truework customers in the next month with no added cost, so be sure to look out for it on your dashboard or when you complete a report. Got questions or want to get started on Truework? Reach out to our team at

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