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How Divvy transformed their verification process—and unlocked hours of HR productivity

Learn how Divvy, a Utah-based Fintech startup, utilized Truework to streamline their verifications and save them countless hours as they scaled.
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Table of Contents

Divvy, a Utah-based fintech startup, is on a mission to be the financial nervous system of every business by helping businesses streamline and manage expenses. Unlike traditional expense management, Divvy centralizes all components of the process on one single dashboard, allowing companies to send and request funds, create virtual credit cards, manage team spending and more in real time.

Since its inception, Divvy has grown exponentially, reaching their Series C milestone in April of 2019—where they raised $200 million dollars—and servicing over 5,000 customers from all types of industries.

Another significant milestone for Divvy has been growing to the 300 employee mark in 2020—up from just 30 employees in 2017.

For Jennie Hertzler, Associate People Operations Specialist, this growth—and her own personal reason for joining Divvy— can be explained by two things; a great product, and an incredible working culture and team.

“Before Divvy, I had never worked with so many talented, high caliber people,” said Jennie, “They're full of ideas, they’re energetic, they're driven, they're motivated, and they’re proactive. There’s so much innovation and excitement at Divvy, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

This incredible growth, however, also brought upon many growing pains, especially in the HR space. When it came to managing almost 300 employees and their employment and income verifications, Divvy’s people team turned to Truework to automate their processes and help them manage verifications as they scaled.

Prior to Truework, Divvy had an incredibly tedious verification process. The Divvy team would go to their DocuSign dashboard and manually look up and fill out the information being requested. Also, because Divvy had switched from a PEO to a new HRIS, the team had to go back to a spreadsheet separate from the HRIS dashboard and manually look for two years of data out of two systems.

Jennie estimates that she spent 10-15 hours a week—nearly 38% of the standard 40-hour work week—on verifications, with many of the verifications coming in sporadically with no notice.

Divvy found their verification process to be:

  • Time-consuming: when any of their 300 employees needed a verification, they had to refer to their DocuSign, HRIS and PEO spreadsheets in order to extract out the needed information.
  • Disorganized: At Divvy, the People team would receive verification requests and have an assigned employee manage the information collection and paperwork every time a request was submitted. Because they had no internal automation, intaking verification requests were random and the volume of requests would vary by day and time.

For Divvy, it was clear that the current process wasn’t efficient for them—and in 2019, they decided to pursue different avenues for their verification of employment/income (VOE and VOI).

In search for a solution, a Divvy team member came across Truework and reached out to set up a demo—finding it to be a good fit because of Truework’s capabilities and expertise in automation, employee-first mindset, and self-service employee letter generator.

Truework was able to address Divvy’s pain points with:

  • Automatic,quick verifications: What used to take up almost 40% of the workweek—verifications at Divvy now take a fraction of the time. Truework automates the verification process from end-to-end, so employers like Divvy are able to intake and complete employment and income verifications in record time.
  • Employee empowerment: Truework’s platform is centered around giving employees the power to own their data. Divvy’s employees are now notified and given the ability to approve or deny any sensitive information that is being shared. This provides transparency to the verification process, and allows employees to control what personal details are being shared with third parties.
  • Centralized and organized verification requests: With the implementation of Truework, the Divvy People team now has a streamlined dashboard to handle all of their verification requests. The Truework verification dashboard enables employers to have an efficient and organized space to monitor verification requests and employment letters.

The team at Truework has been wonderful to work with,” Jennie continued, “they are thorough in their communication and prompt with any questions or assistance. I never have a second thought when I reach out to their team because I know we will be taken care of.

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