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Announcing our integration with the Empower® LOS by Dark Matter Technologies

Mortgage lenders can now access the Truework platform directly within the Empower® loan origination system.
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Table of Contents

San Francisco, May 31st, 2024 — Truework, the one-stop platform for income and employment verification, announced today its new integration with the Exchange network of mortgage-specific service providers available to customers of the Empower® loan origination system (LOS) by Dark Matter Technologies. With this integration, mortgage lenders can access the Truework platform and verify U.S. employees’ income and employment directly within the Empower LOS.

Lenders have been migrating to Truework for its industry leading 75% completion rates and use of multi-method verifications to seamlessly orchestrate income requests for any borrower. Now, Empower® customers can access this advantage directly within their Empower® LOS.

Lenders like Ross Mortgage and Lake Michigan Credit Union have already started the enablement process for Truework inside their Dark Matter instance. This new approach lets Empower LOS users take advantage of more efficient underwriting processes, cost savings, and transparency. Processors can view real-time updates on every verification request directly within the Empower LOS, enabling faster processing times and improving the borrower experience.


“Lenders today must support both operational efficiency and excellent customer experiences. The integration between Truework and the Empower LOS will allow mortgage lenders to seamlessly automate income and employment verification, giving them the ability to reduce manual work, increase turnaround times, and keep borrowers engaged in the application process.”

Rich Gagliano,Chief Executive Officer, Dark Matter Technologies.

With this integration, mortgage lenders using Empower can make the income verification process more predictable and deliver a seamless mortgage journey to more borrowers.

“Customers of the Empower LOS can now deliver a better experience for borrowers while taking advantage of maximum time-saving and cost-reduction benefits with Truework’s all-in-one platform,” said Ryan Sandler, CEO and co-founder of Truework. “This integration gives processors using the Empower LOS access to an automated one-stop-shop for all of their income and employment verification needs, along with full transparency and status updates for each request.”

By using Truework’s high-coverage network first, lenders won’t have to rely on a mix of costly and time-intensive legacy verification providers for income data. The Empower LOS users can now verify income for most borrowers without needing to submit the same request across multiple providers.

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provides a one-stop platform for income and employment verification that prioritizes efficiency, accuracy, and security. Using Truework, banks, lenders, and property management companies can verify income for any applicant. 

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