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Truework Credentials: A Comprehensive Security Overview

Get an in-depth overview of Truework Credentials and how we empower individuals to maintain control and security over their personal information.
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Maximum privacy and security when sharing income data
Table of Contents
Table of Contents


In today's digital age, safeguarding personal information has become paramount. At Truework, we empower individuals to own and control their personal information in a safe and secure manner. This approach is deeply ingrained in our service and culture. As a regulated Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), we protect customer and consumer data under the highest regulatory standards possible, making sure our products and services remain accurate, trustworthy, and secure.

How Credentials improves applicant outcomes

Credentials allows applicants to share income and employment data directly from their payroll provider. Using Credentials helps individuals protect against fraud. The Credentials experience clearly highlights the business entity requesting information (e.g., lender) and what information will be shared (e.g., past two years of income history).

Truework Credentials provides a transparent and secure data sharing experience

Data-sharing tools like Credentials help individuals accelerate the application process by putting you in control of how and when your data is shared. Until now, consumers have been required to manually download W2s and pay stubs from different systems to share source-of-truth income data directly with a verifier.

Truework Credentials changes the game by giving you the power to share income and employment data directly from your payroll provider. This user-permissioned technology also reduces the risk of data entry errors caused by manual processes, preventing unnecessary application delays.

How Truework protects consumer data

Truework Credentials empowers individuals to maintain control over their personal data and share it as they see fit. In a few steps, an applicant can securely share payroll information with a verifying party (e.g. lender) while using encryption best practices such as TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.

Additionally, Truework strives to protect all applicant data at-rest, mandating at-rest encryption technologies on all systems, as well as envelope encrypting sensitive data stored within those systems. Through this, Truework can make sure that applicant data is safe and secure throughout all stages of the Credentials process. As a CRA regulated by the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), we support any applicant's rights to control the accuracy and usage of their data. We employ the principles of least privilege to make sure applicant data is only processed by authorized parties, thus minimizing any associated risks.

Read more about Truework's approach to security and trust

Truework's dedication to security extends beyond Credentials. We maintain a robust approach to security with annual ISO 27001 and SOC2 type 2 security audits from independent external auditors and award bodies. Our comprehensive security policies cover various aspects of data protection and privacy, providing a safe environment for our customers and users.

Security above all else

Our mission of creating trust in every financial transaction reinforces our dedication to upholding the highest standards of security and privacy. Our product development practices echo this ethos as we update our software frequently, ensuring we patch any vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered. This security-first mindset permeates throughout our organization, making sure our internal processes align with our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.

At Truework, security is not just a feature but an integral part of our ethos. Our commitment to empowering individuals to control their personal information drives every decision we make, helping us build trust with every transaction. With our extensive security and privacy measures in place, you can be confident your data is only shared with authorized parties and only with your direct consent.

Privacy Policies

We adhere to strict and comprehensive privacy policies to maintain the confidentiality and security of your data. For a detailed overview of our approach, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

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