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March 2024 Newsletter

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Table of Contents


Expanding Day 1 Certainty coverage to over 100M records

Lenders using Truework Income through Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) service now get Day 1 Certainty eligibility on over 40% of completed income verifications, increasing coverage by 2x. Get greater transparency and a more efficient origination process.

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48 million active records and counting

Now instantly verify over 48 million active employees through the one-stop Truework Income platform, helping reduce costs and improve applicant experience. Our database of instantly available employee data has grown over 30% since the start of 2023.

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Customize your borrower experience 

Enterprise customers using Truework Income can improve their borrower experience and accelerate completions with custom branding options, joint borrower/verifier email threads and custom cancellation windows.

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🎙️ Podcast: Rob Chrisman and Ryan Sandler discuss rising costs

Our CEO Ryan Sandler joined The Chrisman Daily podcast to talk about what options mortgage lenders have to combat increasing cost of consumer data.


Watch: Navigating price increases in mortgage lending

Lenders are still reeling from last year's credit price hikes that resulted in a 400% increase for some FICO scores. We put together a panel of internal and external experts to discuss past and future changes to how lenders access critical consumer data. Watch here 

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