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Lenders need more than band-aids to fix their cost problems


Impending price increases for consumer data, like income and employment information, are just the tip of the cost-crisis iceberg.

To survive and excel in the current market, lenders need to get serious about improving their approach to income and employment verification in 2024.

Total cost is more than price

Total Cost = Process x Price x Volume

Too many lenders are overlooking easy process fixes when they work to lower costs. No company is as obsessed with optimizing the income verification process as we are at Truework. This obsession is translating into cost optimization and significant savings for our customers.

Truework is a one-stop platform

By connecting every major verification method into one platform, you can easily configure a process that works best for your business. Added intelligence routes each verification to the best method, ensuring maximum coverage and speed. 

Ready to finally fix your verification strategy?

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