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Leverage Truework Credentials directly in your application


Truework Credentials allows an applicant to log-in to their payroll platform and share their income and employment data. Credentials provides broad verification coverage, adding connections into over 150 payroll companies and the leading gig-economy platforms. Truework.js is an embeddable module that allows you to easily integrate Credentials into your application. Alternatively, you can leverage Credentials through an email or text-based workflow.

Credentials Module Screens


  • Extend verification coverage beyond the Truework Instant network, while still providing verification within minutes
  • Wide coverage without the added cost or turn-around time associated with Smart Outreach (manual) verifications
  • Co-branding the module for a consistent look and feel in your UI/application

Use cases#

  • Home loans
  • Auto loans
  • Personal loans
  • Student loan refinancing
  • Tenant screening


The optimal use of Credentials depends on your business and application funnel. We’ll dive deeper into each of these considerations below.

  • Where in your application do you want to verify income/employment?
  • Which applicants require verification of income/employment?
  • How do you want to on-ramp and off-ramp applicants?
  • What if you don’t control your applicant-facing workflow?

Where in your application process do you want to integrate Credentials?#

Where to integrate diagram

You can integrate Credentials into any part of your application process before closing. Common parts for where to integrate include

  • Pre-qualification or pre-approval - If you want to qualify or verify applicants income/employment details in the early stages of your application
  • Application collection - Where you capture additional data and documents from the applicant before determining you want to conditionally approve and extend credit
  • Underwriting - When you review data and documentation from the applicant to make a decision to lend credit

We recommend integrating Credentials in the Application collection step. Why?

  • Reduce friction for applicants by reducing the need to upload paystubs, W2s or other proof of income documents manually. To manually upload these documents, applicants will likely still have to login to their payroll system and download documents.
  • Reduce dropoff risk at your top of the funnel in the pre-qualification/pre-approval step where you want to optimize for funnel conversion
  • Only use Credentials for applicants you don’t receive a report for from Truework Instant

Which applicants do you want to route through Credentials?#

  • We recommend making the Credentials workflow optional but strongly recommended, and encourage applicants to go through the Credentials workflow. Let applicants know that connecting to their payroll account may speed up their application process and/or help them qualify for better rates. If the workflow is optional, the applicant should have the option to bypass the Credentials workflow and proceed to the next step.
  • If you have applicants you must verify details for (that may be more “risky” applicants) vs applicants you don’t need to verify details for at all, you should only route the applicants you require to verify income/employment info for to Credentials.
  • You should not route applicants which you have already verified through Instant to the Credentials workflow.

How do you want to on-ramp and off-ramp applicants from Credentials?#

Credentials is integrated into your application flow using the Truework.js module. When considering where to place the Truework.js module, we recommend thinking about where in your workflow the addition of a call to action like “Verify Income Instantly” or “Instant Approval”, which triggers the module, would make sense. We’d recommend providing applicants with the context that they will be asked to connect to their payroll account using Truework before they click on the CTA.

How to introduce applicants diagram

Approximately 50% of applicants successfully connect to their payroll account. The remainder mostly do not remember their payroll password. For these applicants, we recommend either:

  • Falling back to your existing verification workflow, which will likely be a paystub or document upload workflow. (Note: Truework will soon have document upload and parsing capabilities available within Truework.js, so off-ramping applicants from Credentials can be done directly within the Truework.js module)
  • Falling back to Truework Smart Outreach, which provides complete verification coverage. For more information on Smart Outreach, please see this guide. The fallback method can be set by passing in the Credentials and Smart Outreach parameter in the request setting when making.

What if you don’t control your applicant-facing workflow?#

Most of our verifier customers control their own applicant-facing workflows, like online application forms or applicant portals. If so, we strongly recommend you integrate Credentials directly in your applicant-facing workflow. Others rely on third-party technology to power their applicant-facing workflows. For example, many mortgage lenders use third-party mortgage point of sale (POS) software for their applicant-facing application experiences. In this case, there are two options for how to integrate with Credentials:

  • If you don’t require Credentials to be integrated directly into your applicant-facing workflow, you can submit a verification request via Truework’s API, dashboard, or Encompass integration like you do today. Truework will then email or text employees with a link that they can click on to go to a Truework hosted webpage and connect to their payroll account. To customize when and how you want to leverage Credentials (e.g. use Credentials for all requests Truework isn’t able to complete instantly, or use Credentials only for requests that cannot be completed via Smart Outreach), please contact to get your account configured appropriately.
  • If you want to get Credentials integrated into your applicant-facing workflow and utilize a partner that manages the applicant-facing workflow, your partner will have to integrate with Truework directly. This should take the partner less than a week of development work. Once the partner integrates, turning on the integration for you will become turn-key. Please have the partner you use contact Truework at to get Credentials integrated into their workflow directly.

A Visual Explanation#


We recommend you leverage Truework Credentials after Instant to optimize for Instant coverage before leveraging an applicant-in-the-loop workflow. If any questions arise, or you need support in getting set up, email and we will be glad to assist. You can integrate Credentials using Truework.js by following the steps outlined in the API docs here. We recommend starting with a sandbox integration, and when you are ready to move to production, please contact to enable production access.