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Verifications Overview

A Verification is used to retrieve information about an employee's occupation and compensation. The individual requesting the verification is referred to as the Verifier, and the individual who is being verified is referred to as the Target. Truework offers two types of Verifications:


Verification of Employment (VOE)#

A report that contains the Target's position, start and end dates at a given employer.


Verification of Income (VOI)#

Includes all information provided in a VOE along with the Target's salary and earnings over the last three years.



The state helps convey where the verification request is in the Truework process. It will be returned in the JSON objects returned from this endpoint.

pending-approvalThe initial state after creation. The Truework team has not started working on this request yet.
action-requiredA user action is required to continue processing this request. Visit the dashboard for more information.
invalidContains invalid information that prevents the verification request from being processed by Truework.
processingThe Truework team is currently working on the verification request.
completedThe verification request has been completed and a report can be found from the reports endpoint.
canceledTruework denied processing of the request or the verifier no longer wants the request to be processed.


A valid purpose is required for Truework to process the verification request. Throughout the API, this is signified by the permissible_purpose field.

child-supportDetermine child support payments (available to verifiers that represent a state or local child support enforcement agencies)
credit-applicationThe target's application for credit.
employee-eligibilityEmployee's eligibility for a benefit granted by a governmental agency required by law to consider the employee's financial responsibility or status.
employee-requestThe target has issued the verifier written instruction to obtain this information.
employee-review-or-collectionPerforming a review or collection of the target's account.
employmentEmployment purposes where the target has given prior written consent.
insurance-underwriting-applicationUnderwriting insurance in response to the target's application.
legitimate-reason-initiatedLegitimate business need for the information in connection with a business transaction initiated by the target.
legitimate-reason-reviewLegitimate business need to review the target's account to determine whether the employee continues to meet the terms of the account.
risk-assessmentTo assess the credit or prepayment risks associated with an existing credit obligation of the target.
subpoenaFor a court order or a federal grand jury subpoena.


The verification request type is determined by how much information the verifier wants about the target. Throughout the API, this is signified by the type field.

employmentA verification of employment. The verifier wants information about the target's position, start and end dates at a given employer.
employment-incomeA verification of income. The verifier wants information about the target's salary and earnings over the last three years in addition to information provided in a VOE